08 June 2003, 1/10th Ipoh Remote Control Car Race, Perak
Organised by : Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh & Ipoh Remote Control Club
Class: 1/10th Nitro 200mm Touring Open

We arrived in Ipoh on Saturday, since this race was held in conjunction with the TV3 Carnival
Sure Heboh festival, security were tight and many roads were blocked by the police, traffic were
diverted and making things very tough for us who are not familiar with the area to reach the track.
Another problem was ALL hotels were fully booked, yes ALL!! Traffics were heavy and jammed
in the Ipoh town. Anyway thanks to En.Arafat for guiding us to the track on Saturday.

I was told this race received about 200 entries and the organizer have no choice but
to reject some of the entries to ensure the race can be completed in a day! Only 2 heats
were available for all drivers and this gives no room for mistake during qualifying heats.
Track layout was challenging and surface is fine, foam tires wear was low.

A main drivers with their pitcrews preparing for the 30 minutes A final.

Azri Amri from KL, holding his Top Qualifying trophy
after being the fastest driver for the race. Azri is driving
Associated NTC3, RB X12T engine, Speedmind tires and
Trinity fuel.

Though he is leading the A main final for almost half of the
race but
he lost the lead after his car ran out of fuel all of a sudden!?
the planned pitstop time was not up yet!
Well...that's what racing is all about!


A main winners
Champion Lai Kok Heng from KL,
1st runner-up Eric Ma from Penang
2nd runner-up Wong Soo Wei from KL

A main Final results:
1. Lai Kok Heng, Mugen MTX3
2. Eric Ma, Serpent
3. Wong Soo Wei, Associated NTC3
4. Timmy Tan, Serpent
5. Suah Kim Heng, GS Racing
6. Moey Chee Cheong, Kyosho V1RR
7. Azri Amri, Associated NTC3
8. Andy Dass, GS Racing
9. Mizan, Mugen MTX3
10. Anthony Wee, Trinity Reflex

Group photo with the VIPs taken after the race. Notice the flying object in the pic?