May 25, 2003 - MMU Ayer Keroh, Melaka

Final Results A Main 40 minutes

1. Azri Amri, Associated NTC3
2. Leonard Ong, Mugen MTX3
3. Anthony Tan, Mugen MTX3
4. Mohd Yusri, Trinity Reflex
5. Suah Kim Heng, GS Racing
6. Lai Kok Heng, Mugen MTX3
7. Mizan, Mugen MTX3
8. Mohd Salleh, Trinity Reflex
9. Andy Dass, GS Racing
10. Yap Chew Kong, Trinity Reflex

*Sorry for the brief results but thanks to Azri Amri for passing me the result for this race.
Azri Amri is the only NTC3 driver from KL that participated in this event.