May 11, 2003, 1/10th Shah Alam Parking Lot
Organised by : RC Pitstop
Class: 1/10th Nitro Touring Open

RC Pitstop again organised this race at the same place with the previous race last 2 months ago! The venue was Shah Alam Stadium parking lot next
to the go-kart. The response for this race was overwhelming (thanks to extra class Novice!) and I heard from the organiser, they had no choice but to
reject some entries, fearing the race may take too long to complete or may not even complete, understandbly since it's raining often in this area.

This race had 110 entries! Each round took about 2 hours to complete, though long but ample time to repair car and chit chatting! When I checked at
the meteorological website, it says raining in the afternoon but what turned out was a blazing hot sunny day! At the end of the day everyone seems
tan and ended up with nice brown and fair skin color contrast caused by the sunglasses and watches on our faces and wrist. :)

There were many upset event happened, fast drivers having problem with heavy backmarkers and aggresive drivers. Some even have problem in
qualifying heats, engine tuning problem ...(ok..that's me and Azri), crystal cracking problems (Unc Yap), of course with all these things around,
the whole race looks fun and challenging.

Track marshals were strict against pitting rules and track jumping, 5 seconds penalty can be heard often! Anyway good job to the organiser and i am
sure with this...the standard of RC racing in KL will improve. But only one more thing to go, we need to educate fresh racers to be courteous and not
racing like a mad man going around knocking on others a$$ !!! Anthony Wee and me were having a hard time running away from them!

I did not manage to get a complete results (actually lazy to get)...there were so many finals
!!! A main final was fun, fast...and slow too!! haha...
It started off with all cars like rockets...Steven, Anthony and Leonard were swapping the lead position for awhile..then one by one luck went out from
them, Anthony had a broken exhaust tubing, Steven had a nice and comfortable race until a broken diff gear took him out...and all this allows the
most experience racer in KL, Ong CY to steal the lead away by cruising slowly but surely to the victory with his GT4.

A main was represented by many top brands, we have:
4 Associated NTC3
2 Mugen MTX3
2 Trinity Relfex
1 GS Racing
1 Yokomo GT4

Beginners read this: RC is wake up at 7am ...race race race till 6 is eeeeyyyuuuckkkssss, play car is more fun....!!!
Pretty girls at the registration counter seems to worked! Racers cooperation were good and race started off..almost as scheduled
(hold your advances guys....these chicks belongs to the bosses of RC Pitstop ok)
Lunch nasi lemak rice not fully cooked!! arrgghh! (now you know why got extra lunch available)
Was told by someone that the toilet had tons of chocolates...lucky me..too hot and darn thirsty! 3.0L of water not enough so no need toilet!
RM60 race fee, everyone in A main gets RM30 voucher and the best laugh was ...the Champion got RM30 too!!!???!!
Azri Amri and Leonard Ong should be banned for taking the lucky draw prizes! Right ..guys?
Anthony Wee blame Azri's head for spoiling his race, Azri said 'which head, the top or bottom one?'....
Desmond said he had the same old disease problem...??! Go figure out...
Jacky Seow, GT4 potential A main driver paid RM60 for 3 laps and few minutes of driving. He says 'why engines like to die?'
Steven bought a Rolls Royce chassis...but stinge RM20 diff gear that caused him a winning chance...? (I know where the RM20 went...sluurrpp!
Mr. 69 Leonard Pong dont like this position anymore?? But at least you got C-main trophy...I have not got one for long long time liao??!
Daniel Tan went into the toilet..Steven, Chee Yong and me rock and roll the toilet..but he came out 'clean', did he aimed so accurately?
(guys...I think Daniel squat...lah)
Jamal and Thomas Tan...saw a pretty girl...and says...." end is good...but low end is TOO rich!!" @#$%???!!
Lai Kok Heng shouted at his pitman...' pump fuel to my tires arr??'
Ong Chee Yong shouted at his pitman...'woi...dont drop my car??' (Ong you have to be considerate, guy with huge tummy is hard to bend down!)
and my pitman shouted at me...'Wong...when you want to me to refuel your car?!!??' ( Fauzi, thank you for helping me to pit)
Ok...everyone had fun!

Final Results
A Main 40 minutes

1. Ong Chee Yong, Yokomo GT4, JP Nova engine, Powertrack fuel
2. Leonard Ong, Mugen MTX3, n/a, Tornado fuel
3. Andy Dass, GS Racing, n/a, n/a
4. Wong Soo Wei, Associated NTC3, Rody RB, Cool Running fuel
5. Daniel Tan, Associated NTC3, Rody RB, Cool Running fuel
6. Lai Kok Heng, Mugen MTX3, Rody RB, Byron fuel
7. Azri Amri, Associated NTC3, RB X12, Cool Running fuel
8. Steven Mong, Associated NTC3, Rody RB, Tornado fuel
9. Desmond Lam, Trinity Reflex , Sirio, Trinity fuel
10. Anthony Wee, Trinity Reflex, Sirio, Trinity fuel