13 April 2003, 1/10th Kelantan Open Championship, Kota Bharu
Organised by : Kelantan Tourism and Race Corner
Class: 1/10th Nitro Touring Open

A race that many are looking forward to race, great huge cash prizes were awaiting for any winners to
grab home. High anticipation and great turnout, this look more like a Malaysia Open race rather than
a Kelantan Open race, this is because we saw many racers coming from all over Malaysia 'representing'
their states and of course to the main intention was to promote the brands of their cars.

But away from the race, most of us travelled all the way from KL/Selangor by the 'now everyone can
fly' AirAsia flights, went very smoothly and easily. We landed at the new Kota Bharu airport on Friday
(some on Saturday morning) with a joyful mood but things turn ugly when the hotel that promises to
pick us up did NOT turn up. After an hour of waiting, we took a taxi to send us to the hotel nearest to
the track, Hotel Perdana. We were more than happy to pay extra to stay in a 4 star, now guess what..the
hotel had a air condition failure! Then into the rooms, it smells bad.....stains in the shower, wall paper
peeling off and I had a rusty kettle. We complaint to the reception but NOTHING was done, kettle was not
replace and my friends have to shift room at 1.00am ..they couldn't stand the heat anymore! Calls for room
service for hot water only were responded with an empty wait...there's no hot water until we check out??!!
Luckily that was Friday night, I can't imagine if that was Saturday!
Later a check with fellow racers that stayed in the hotel, well they went thru the same stuffs too! Hmmm...
I think this 4 star couldn't handle too many guests??!!

Let's go to the track now. Last minute changes by the tourism department forced the track to move from
the Stadium Sultan Mohd IV (next to Hotel Perdana) to another parking lot nearby the state museum and
Istana Balai Besar. On Saturday, Race Corner corteously arranged a shuttle van between the hotel and
the track, at the track we heard many actually complaints about the surface of the track, I notice there is
nothing wrong with the track layout, indeed its a very nice layout with averaging 10 feets width.
The moment we put down our car to test and then found out why the're
complaints, its too bumpy!!
Ok...the next thing is to find a good car setup to adapt to this track, setting up the car was tricky! We have
bumps..but we have high speed sweeps and chicanes..with tight turns. Brainstorming time...!

But on Sunday raceday, many racers actually got their car setup well and we saw many were going fast
and actually great to see everyone enjoyed the race at the end of the day. Well ..we have travelled so far
and I think we must make the race enjoying for ourselves.

I personally think this race is the most challenging so far! Race organiser actually spend RM4000 for
trophies and cash prizes for top 3 spots, RM2000, RM1000 and RM500. Top Qualifier gets RM 500!
Very nice pewter trophies and an awsome top qualifier trophy. Mains were ran from A to E, again the
organiser is nice enough to let the F main have a short fun final race after the end of A main.

A main race was fantastic, naturally most will think the fight is gonna be bad because of the cash prizes
involved. Surprisingly every A main finalist ran a fantastic professional race, courteous and gentleman
driving produced a clean show for the Kelantanese audience around the track to watch.
Though there was a major pile up during the start right after the 10 seconds countdown that forced the
cars to idle at least for 5 seconds before the flag off, now this is A main..none of the car actually suffer
from engine cut off...engine screams and there goes everyone attacking the first 90 degree right sweep
followed by a hairpin! With me leading the race comfortably and Mizam on my tail...and all of a sudden
my engine cut off and the funny part, Mizam too had a techincal failure. This opens up the lead to Azri
and Uncle Yap, fierce fighting and position swapping for the first spot. Now me have to catch up from
9th position....man..hardwork...! Race progress without much problem but things were so tense towards
the end of the race where Azri trying to catch up with Yap after a mistake by him that allows Yap to pull
far earlier. With 5 min to go and 3 seconds apart, the last refeul strategy was very crucial!! Azri made a
quick stop with his pitman calling him in at the worst time, Azri was right behind Yap and he has to come
in. But that..pitstop was made right! Right after Azri went out for the last few minutes...Yap came in for
a lighthing refuel...and Azri was charging real hard...zoom...he passed Yap right at the straight next to
the pitlane!!! The crowd went crazy...and Yap have no choice but to settle for 2nd spot after making a
mistake just after coming out from the pit. Lucky for me to race consistently and manage to secure
a 3rd position for a podium finish. One word ...this
final was FANTASTIC.

Final Results
A Main 40 minutes

Driver Nat Car Engine Fuel Best Lap Time Laps

Azri Amri

KL Associated NTC3 Rody X12T Cool Running 17.770 40:03:250F 126
Yap Chew Kong KL Trinity NT Reflex n/a Trinity 17.650 40:08:630F 126
Wong Soo Wei KL Associated NTC3 Rody X12T Cool Running 17.900 40:04:970F 125
Desmond Lam KL Trinity NT Reflex n/a Trinity 17.440 40:12:950F 125
Eric Ma PNG Serpent n/a Tornado 17.850 40:21:740F 123
Leonard Pong KL Trinity NT Reflex n/a Trinity 18.050 40:02:610F 116
Timmy Tan PNG Serpent n/a Tornado 17.760 40:14:000F 115
Ah Seng PNG Serpent n/a Tornado 17.930 40:22:950F 103
Lai Kok Heng KL Mugen MTX3 Rody Tune RB Byron 17.530 36:14:810 94
Mizam KL Mugen MTX3 (not sure!) n/a n/a 17.430 30:53.350 78