18 Jan 2003, Panji Track, Kelantan
Organised by : Race Corner
Below racing results amd information provided by Mr.Lee of Race Corner.

Multilpe car brands were seen racing in the top 10 (A main), there were 5 NTC3s, 4 Trinitys and 1 Serpent.
The Champion of this event was En.Nazri (KB) driving Associated NTC3, won this big event with one lap ahead of Mr.Lee, driving a Trinity Reflex.

Again congratulations to En.Nazri B. Chee Soh

Final Results
A Main 45 minutes

Driver Car Engine Time Laps

M.Nazri B. Chee Soh

Team Associated NTC3 Sirio 45:09:990F 155
Lee Kok Jeen Trinity NT Reflex Rody Tune X12 45:06:620F 154
Azizul Trinity NT Reflex RB X12T 45:14:420F 146
Hee Hon Ket Team Associated NTC3 Sirio 45:01.250F 136
Muhamed Syafia Team Associated NTC3 Nova JP 45:11.380F 127
M.Nazali Team Associated NTC3 n/a 41:33.000 124
Mohd. Nasaruddin Serpent Rody Tune X12 43:28.430 116
M.Zamri Trinity NT Reflex Nova S5 34:27.290 99
Rohaishah Trinity NT Reflex RB X12T 10:51.550 17
M.Sukri Team Associated NTC3 Rody Tune X12 05:49.240 6


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