Speed Passion Reventon "Stock Club Race" ESC & V3 Motor 13.5

Introducing a completely new design from Speed Passion, the Reventon Stock Club Race ESC.

Wildly accepted around the world, the brand new Reventon Stock Club Race system will redefine the perfect solution for club and spec racing. The non-adjustable software proves to the world that the Reventon Stock Club Race ESC is the only ESC that's needed for any type of racing without spending valuable on-track time for inspections. The built in no timing software provides equal performance and low costs which are ideal to grow new classes and attract new racers. The all new full size heatsink design provides greater heat dissipation working with the high speed fan results in cooler ESC temperatures when racing at the limit.

Reventon Stock Club Race ESC Specifications:

  • Supports up to 9.5T motors with 2 cell lipo
  • Adjustable voltage cut off
  • DRRS throttle profile setting
  • Optional Wifi/Bluetooth connection
  • Optional on-board voltage reading
  • Optional ESC temperature reading
  • ESC parameter adjustments via the one touch button